Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire your agency over an individual freelance writer?
There are lots of reasons, actually. Here are a few that our clients talk about most:

Consistency – You’ll have a single point of contact who works to make sure your needs are met. No more managing multiple freelancers and multiple schedules.

Process – We’ve got one, which is more than many solo freelance writers can say.

Ease of ordering – Ever see a Batman movie? When someone needs a caped crusader, he simply shines a light into the sky, and Batman appears. Requesting content is just about that simple (and uses less electricity).

Order right through our web app. Tell us what you want, and we’ll hop into the Batmobile our app and come to the rescue, getting your content written super fast and in hero-standard quality.

One-stop scalability – No matter how super your stand-alone freelancer may be, he or she can’t scale your content alone. If you need lots of content, you’ve gotta have a formidable force—think The Avengers. But do you actually have time to assemble and manage that kind of team?

For most businesses, the answer is “No.”

Fortunately for you, we’ve got you covered.

Dependability – Working with a single writer means that getting content completed is dependent on his or her availability.

Sick days, time off, travel, emergencies and other clients—while all very important—are priorities your content requests much contend with. It’s just the way life goes.

With our team, however, when one writer takes time off, we’ve got a full bench ready and willing to step up.

One thing is for sure: we’re never too busy for you.

Teamwork – One vigilante writer locked away in a cabin with nothing but canned soup, instant coffee and a typewriter might be able to produce a compelling novel, but he wouldn’t have the back-up he needs to truly tackle B2B content.

To pen… err, type truly heroic content, you need someone to bounce ideas off.

That’s why at ContentPark, we write as a team. You’re paying for one writer, but you’re getting two to four content heroes working on each project. Just one human brain is 30 times more powerful than the best supercomputer. So four people working on your project is the equivalent of 120 supercomputers.

Yeah…that’s pretty darn powerful.

How does ContentPark price its work?
Typically, we price content based on length range (i.e. <800, 800 – 1000, 1100 – 1400). But that’s not the whole story. Most of our clients have a retainer relationship with us. Contact us to discuss the option that works best for you.

How do you accept payment?
To utilize the ContentPark app, we require clients to store a major credit card or bank info on file. Unpaid invoices are automatically charged one day after due date—unless other payment arrangements have been made.

We accept checks, ACH and all major credit cards, and typically require remittance of a 25 – 50% deposit on all projects before work can begin.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Ours isn’t the type of business in which a bulk order creates an economy of scale.

Unlike services, such as printing business cards, each piece we write takes us the same amount of effort to develop and equal TLC to perfect—whether you order one or 1000. And unlike some other companies, we are not a content farm. Everything we write is fresh, well-researched and specific to your needs.

We do offer discounts for clients who purchase content plans or have a retainer relationship us. See here for more information.

What’s your process when taking on new clients?
Our process is the “super” behind our superpowers. In short, we listen, gather, assess and then create.

Can I hire one of your writers to work at my company full or part-time?
Sorry. Nobody breaks up The Avengers or Fantastic Four. We’re a team. We’ve even got matching uniforms (read: t-shirts).

Who’s your favorite superhero?
Our fave is an anti-hero: Deadpool.

How big is your team?
We’ve currently got eight content heroes suited up and ready for action.

That’s big enough to assure diversity of perspective and fast turnaround, yet small enough to allow for collaboration among our team members to create the best possible article each and every time.

So you could say that, much like the original Justice League, we are small but mighty.

Do you work only with in-house marketers?
Primarily, yes.

Because our content development services we provide are toward the end of the content marketing funnel, so to speak, it’s important that you already have a strategy in place before enlisting our services in executing it.

While it’s possible for us to work with business owners and other leaders within an organization, this approach usually doesn’t yield the best results. Without a very clear purpose and goals driving content requests, we find our team being asked to shift focus with the birth of each new brainchild.

That’s not ideal for us. More importantly, that’s not ideal for you.

Human Torch of Fantastic Four would put it like this: You lay out a gasoline trail; we light the match.

Alone, your gasoline is useless, as is our match. It’s only when the two combine that we achieve the desired result.

Without your path, we’ll keep wasting matches and putting out fires. We need your strategic direction just as much as you need our creative energy.

Do you conduct interviews?
Yes. We’ll even prepare the questions if needed.

Do you offer B2B copywriting?
The majority of content we develop is specifically for the B2B space. Want to see an example? We’ve got lots in our copywriting portfolio.

Do you offer B2C or B2G content development?
Yep, we can do both. For any B2[you-name-it]…we’ve got you covered.

How do I sign up to be a writer?
While we appreciate and understand your desire to join the hero ranks, things work a little differently at ContentPark. We’re not a content farm, so writers don’t sign up to write with us.

Instead, we post openings as positions become available, and then practice a rigorous recruiting, screening and training process to make sure we’re working with only the best of the best.

If we have an opening and you think you’ve got what it takes, you can view and apply for open positions here.

Are you hiring?
Maybe. Any open positions will be listed on the site linked above.

How much do writers earn?
That answer depends on the scope of the project. We prefer to work with writers looking for long-term relationships. That said, we talk compensation once we’ve found the right fit.